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Centre for Science, Technology and Further Studies Diroctor: Mr. Vũ Công Tâm

Email address: [email protected]

Centre for Media, Library and Vietnamese-Japanese Cultural Exchange Diroctor: Mr. Lê Mạnh Hà

Email address: lemanhha@ daihochalong.de-coffee.com

Centre for Foreign Languages and Informatics Diroctor: Ms. Vũ Thị Bích Thảo

Email address: vuthibichthao@ daihochalong.de-coffee.com

Centre for Practice of  Toursim Services and Arts Performance Diroctor: Ms. Trần Thị Minh Ngọc

Email address: tranthiminhngoc@ daihochalong.de-coffee.com

Model School Trường Thực hành sư phạm Headmaster: Ms. Trần Thị Lan Hương

Email address: tranthilanhuong@ daihochalong.de-coffee.com