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Thứ Hai, 15/3/2021 | 09:48 GMT +7

Official external higher education accreditation successfully carried out at Halong University

VCEA (Vinh University) has successfully co-operated with Halong University (between 4/3 and 9/3) to carry out an official external higher education accreditation based on higher education accreditation standards set by the Ministry of Education and Training (Vietnam), containing 25 standards and 111 criteria.

The opening session

The members of the external accreditation mission studied reports, recorded documents as evidence interviewed various stakeholders such as leaders, lecturers, undergraduates, alumni, employers, as well as investigated the HALOU’s educational facilities such as auditoriums, classrooms, labs and dormitories to verify in the information provided in it’s self-report of internal accreditation.

The commission members, after six hard working days, have recognized HALOU’s achievements between 2015 and 2020, including two highlights. The first one is a strategy related to the fields of network and public relations, vision, culture, leadership and management, financial and facilities managing, and policies. The other highlight is HALOU’s functions shown in community service, cooperation with scientific research partners, curriculum development, enrolment, and learner support.

The external accreditation commission indicated that although the university has its strengths, there are some weaknesses. Also, they recommended ways for the university to improve its quality in aspects so that it could achieve its strategic developments and objectives, meet social needs of high quality human resources and international integration demands.

At the closing ceremony of the mission, the accreditation accomplishment minutes were signed between representative of VCEA (Mr. Nguyen Dinh Huy), of Halong University (Dr. Tran Trung Vy), and of the commission (Prof. Dang Ung Van).

Signing official external accreditation accomplishment minutes – Ha Long University

External accreditation commission and leaders of Ha Long University

Interviewing employers and alumni

Investigating records as evidence