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Thứ Năm, 4/3/2021 | 09:33 GMT +7


The university focuses on corporations with both national and international organsations, with its attempt to motivate local businesses to maintain mutual support.

Over 200 national organisations, universities institutes and businesses are in corporation with the university with activities concerning corporation signing and agreements of educational and training and business aspects.

One of the university missions is to explore and extend corporation with international organisations and institutes. With its ideology of win-win, to date, Halong university has over 30 international partners, from America, Europe, Asia and Asia Pacific. Also, the institution is in good relationship with different Embassies in Vietnam.

Strategic international partners include Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand, the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia, the Hanze University of Applied Science, the Neitherlands, the University of Messina, Italy, the University of Normandie, the University of Daenji, the Quang Tay University of Pedagogy, China, the University of Osaka, Japan, the University of Enverga – Mseuf, the Philippines.

Other international organisations are named as the Embassy of the United States in Vietnam, the English Language Institute of China, Jica organization (Japan), Japanese Organisations (the Japan Foundation), JCCI, the Embassy of Korean in Vietnam, Taiwan Organisations, International Voluntery Organsations (SJ) and PUM (from the Neitherlands).


Cooperation agreement with Trade University


Cooperation agreement with Van Lang University


With the Institute of Environment and Sustainable Development in a national project on “Investigating a model of economical sea development”

With the university of social science and humanities (the National University of Hanoi) in a provincial project on stydying the value of culture and history of Thien Long Uyen and Yen Duc in the historical sites of Bach Dang in 1928


With the Institute of French Language (the National University of Hanoi) in a conference co-organised on “internationalising university education of non-English”


With the Association of Toursim training of Vietnam in a conference co-organised on “Developing High- quality Tourism labour sources in Northern provinces


In a co-hosted conference on selected points of Information Technology and Media” themed “Smart City”


Agreement signing ceremony with FLC


Agreement signing ceremony with Vinpearl -Vingroup


Agreement signing ceremony on training-recruitment corporation with businesses

Recruitment on tourism, foreign languages and education.

With FLC in a Talk on “Recruitment, Training and Source development orientation”

FLC’s scholarship to HALOU’s students

HALOU’s students at the internship site

HALOU’s technological transfer to Tan Xuan Phu company

Agreement signing ceremony with the university of Asahikawwa (Japan)

Agreement signing ceremony with the university of Catholic Deagu (Korea)

Agreement signing ceremony with Auckland university of Technology (New Zealand)

The university of Leicester’s (UK) visit 

HALOU’s students of Chinese at Quang Tay Pedagogical University of Technical  Science, China

Awarding Certificates of Vietnamese to  students from OSAKA university (Japan)

US Embassy’s visit to Halong university

Mr Umeda Knio, a Japanese Ambassadors in his visit to Halong university (in the middle)

A discussion between a representative of Studia Test (Russia) and HALOU’s vice rector 

A KF Friends Networking international seminar 2020 co-hosted by Korean Fund and Halong University

An exchange of orientating Halong Bay preservation between a Shiga’s expert (Japan) and Halong University’s HALOUers  

A conference of developing Quang Ninh’s tourism co-hosted by PUM (Holland) and Halong University

A PUM Environmental expert (Holland)’s visit to HALOU

An ELIC’s voluntary lecturer of English at HALOU  

A Vietnam SJ’s volunteer of Japanese at HALOU

A Taiwan volunteer of Chinese at HALOU

 Materials for Japanese teaching and learning given by Centre for Japanese cultural exchange in Vietnam